Otaku Office Comedy "Tokusatsu Gagaga" Gets Live-Action TV Drama

Adaptation based on Niwa Tanba's manga about an office lady who loves hero shows hits the NHK in January of 2019


Tokusatsu Gagaga, a comedy seinen manga by Niwa Tanba about an office lady who tries to hide her obsession with special effects hero shows from her friends and co-workers, is being adapted into a seven episode live-action TV drama that will broadcast on NHK in January of 2019.



In Tokusatsu Gagaga, actress Fuka Koshiba stars as Kano Nakamura, a seemingly ordinary office lady who is secretly a gigantic fan of tokusatsu TV series, to the point where she often imagines herself as a special effects hero in order to get through the difficulties of her daily life. Because her co-workers look down on otaku, Kano has to keep her obsession under wraps.


The cast for Tokusatsu Gagaga also includes Kana Kurashina, Haruka Kinami, Yûki Morinaga, Takafumi Honda (of BOYS AND MEN), Rena Takeda, Mikoto Uchiyama (of SKE48), Kokoro Terada, Manabu Takeuchi, Yuki Matsushita, and others.



The original Tokusatsu Gagaga manga is serialized in Shogakukan's Big Comic Spirits seinen manga magazine. The Tokusatsu Gagaga live-action TV series is written by Shigenori Tanabe and features music by Akio Izutsu and direction by Sou Suenaga, Shinzo Nitta, and Michi Ono. The series will broadcast on the NHK network on Fridays during the 22:00 time slot (10:00 PM JST) beginning on January 18, 2018.


Source: Comic Natalie



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