Meet Nogizaka46 Members as Silver Fox and Ezo Red Fox in Kemono Friends 2nd Stage Play

General sale of the 7,800 yen ticket will begin on September 29

The official website an Twitter for Nelke Planning's upcoming second stage play based on the Kemono Friends franchise, titled "Butai Kemono Friends 2 ~Yuki furu Yoru no Kemono-tachi" (Stage Play Kemono Friends 2 ~Animals in The Snowing Night) has posted a key visual featuring Ayane Suzuki and Kotoko Sasaki, two 19-year-old members of idol group Nogizaka46, as Silver Fox and Ezo Red Fox in its center position. The two will appear in all 15 shows.






Stage Play Kemono Friends 2 ~Animals in The Snowing Night is scheduled to be performed at Shinagawa

Prince Hotel ClubeX in Tokyo 15 times from November 8 to 18, 2018. General sale of the 7,800 yen tickets

will begin on September 29.


As its title suggests, its story is set in Japari Park's Snowy Mountains Area, which was featured in the TV

anime's ninth episode. Unlike the first one, the second play features three protagonist groups: Serval, Arai-

san with Fennec, and PPP with Margay. And each group appears only in the performances featuring them

as the story's protagonists, depending on the schedule as listed below. 


  • November 8: Serval (19:00) 
  • November 9: Arai-san with Fennec (19:00) 
  • November 10: PPP with Margay (13:00&17:00) 
  • November 11: PPP with Margay (13:00&17:00)
  • November 12: Arai-san with Fennec (19:00) 
  • November 13: Serval (19:00) 
  • November 14: Arai-san with Fennec (19:00) 
  • November 15: Serval (19:00) 
  • November 16: Arai-san with Fennec (19:00) 
  • November 17: Serval (13:00&17:00) 
  • November 18: PPP with Margay (13:00&17:00) 



Source: Nelke Planning


(C)Kemono Friends Project 2S


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