Card-Battling Gag Wizard Joins the Cast of Endro~! TV Anime

Original fantasy / slice-of-life series begins broadcasting in Japan in January of 2019


The fourth member of the main cast has been announced for Endro~!, and once again appearances are not exactly what they seem in the upcoming original fantasy / slice-of-life TV anime. In Endro~!, voice actress Inori Minase plays Meiza Endust, aka "Mei".



Mei is a magic-user with a quiet demeanor. She usually maintains a blank and impassive expression, but in her head she's always seriously contemplating dumb things, such as full body "oyaji" gags. On the other hand, Mei is also a very family-oriented girl. Mei is also a gigantic nerd when it comes to collecting Karutado cards, and whenever Karutado comes up in conversation, she gets surprisingly passionate about the subject.



Endro~! is directed by Kaori (How to Keep a Mummy) and features original character designs by Namori (YuruYuri) and animation production by Studio Gokumi (KINMOZA!). Endro~! will broadcast in Japan beginning in January of 2019.




Official Endro~! TV anime home page and Twitter feed (@endro_anime)



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