Magical Worlds Collide in Magia Record's MADOGATARI Event

Hitaki, Nadeko, and more make contracts for smartphone game's 400-day anniversary


Madoka Magica smartphone spinoff game Magia Record is celebrating 400 days in service. And what better way to commemorate the occasion than by contracting a team of magical girls from a different series?


Fellow SHAFT series Bakemonogatari is lending out some of its heroines as puella magi for the limited time event. You'll be able to pick up transformed versions of Nadeko, Hitagi, and more, as well as Memoria cards featuring new art.


Check out a sample of what's to come, from the game's most recent live announcement broadcast:



While the samples only show magical girl designs for Hitagi and Nadeko, another key visual makes it look like we'll be seeing all six heroines join the brawl:



The MADOgatari event will run from September 25 to October 9.


>> Magia Record Website

>> Watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica on Crunchyroll

>> Watch Bakemonogatari on Crunchyroll





Kara Dennison is responsible for multiple webcomics, and is half the creative team behind the OEL light novel series Owl's Flower. She blogs at and tweets @RubyCosmos. Her latest work can be seen in the charity anthology The Hybrid, which is currently available for preorder.

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