Watch MV from GRANRODEO's 1st Mini Concept Album "M.S COWBOY no Gyakushu"

The six-song album hits Japanese stores October 24

GRANRODEO, two-member musical unit featuring popular voice actor Kisho Taniyama (Natsuki Shinomiya in Uta no Prince-sama, Tatsuya Himuro in Kuroko's Basketball) as vocalist KISHOW, has posted a short version music video for "M.S COWBOY no Gyakushu" (M.S COWBOY's Counterattack), the lead track from their first mini concept album of the same name to be released on October 24. The title song is inspired by their 11th single released in July 2009, "modern strange cowboy."  


Along with guitarist Masaaki Iizuka as e-ZUKA, GRANRODEO was formed in 2005, and has performed theme songs for various anime series almost every year, such as Koi suru Tenshi Angelique (2006), Kotetsushin Jeeg (2007), Blassreiter (2008), Kurokami: The Animation (2009), Togainu no Chi (2010), Kuroko's Basketball (2012-2017), Karneval (2013), Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (2016), and Baki (2018).


"M.S COWBOY no Gyakushu" short MV


Song list:

 1. "Overture 2009" (Instrumental)

 2. "M・S COWBOY no Gyakushu"

 3. "Istuka no Coup d'état"

 4. "Imaginary song"

 5. "Vengeance (Instrumental)

 6. "odyssey ~ Sono Nantonaku wo Shirinagara~"



Limited edition CD jacket


Regular edition


Artists photo



Their next two-day concert "G13 ROCK☆SHOW 'Don’t show your back!'" will be held at Osaka-Jo Hall in Oaska

on December 8 and 9, 2018.




Source: GRANRODEO official website / Twitter 


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