The King of Braves Returns in GaoGaiGar/Betterman Web Manga

Comicalization of web novel brings back mecha heroes ten years later


The King of Braves is returning in manga form!


King of Braves GaoGaiGar and sister show Betterman are being resurrected in a web manga, which is itself an adaptation of a web novel written by Yuichi Takeda. The manga features art by Blood Soul artist Naoyuki Fujisawa.



The story takes place ten years after the end of OVA series GaoGaiGar FINAL, and stars aged-up kid protagonists Mamoru and Kaido. Also returning to the fray is series lead Guy Shishio himself, who has returned to Earth and for whom only four days have passed. There will also be a host of characters, both new and returning, making up the staff of the new GGG established in 2010.



This is not the first attempt to create a GaoGaiGar sequel, or to cross it over with Betterman. Several years ago, plans for a "GaoGaiGo" series (also called "Project Z") were announced, but never got much further than concept art and a GaoGaiGo figure. The new robot will figure into the adaptation, as well as an expanded Betterman story and a new gadget: Galeoria Road.


The first issue is available to read free now, recapping the events of the TV series.


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