Psychic Powers Manifest in Himote House TV Anime Trailer

3DCG comedy about 5 women and 1 cat living in Nakano heads to Tokyo MX on October 07, 2018


Sometimes peaceful community living requires the occasional energy blast or shadow duplicate technique, or at least that seems to be the premise in the trailer for Himote House, an upcoming 3DCG TV anime comedy about 5 young women and 1 cat sharing a home in Nakano. The trailer highlights the opening theme of the series, which is performed by the main cast and entitled "Motetaino" ("I Want to be Popular").



Himote House is the story of the boisterous everyday lives of five young women and a cat sharing a house in Nakano, Tokyo. The ladies share their troubles and wonder how they can become more popular with the men in their lives, but they also seem to possess a mysterious power...


Himote House is directed by Kotaro Ishidate (Tesagure! Bukatsumono) and features animation production by Bouncy. The series will broadcast in Japan on Tokyo MX and BS11 beginning on October 07, 2018, with an additional broadcast to follow on J:COM beginning on October 08, 2018. The series will also be digitally distributed on GYAO! beginning on October 07, 2018.


Source: Ota-suke



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