New Invasion Finally Begins in Kaiju Girls Black Film Full Trailer

Advance ticket with the theme song CD will go on sale at theaters from Saturday

Tsuburaya Productions' official YoiuTube channel has posted a 90-second full trailer for the upcoming film Kaiju Girls Black ~Ultra Kaiju Gijinka Keikaku~, which will get a time-limited run in Shinjuku Wald 9, Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro, and other theaters across Japan from November 23. 


-Story introduction-

"GIRLS" and "BLACK STARS." The light and the darkness that have never been joined together!

The two powers collide! (...sometimes do, sometimes don't?)

Soshigaya-Okura, a town that is not as noisy as a city and not as calm as a suburb.

While adoring the kaiju girls' organization "GIRLS," high school girl Satsuki Hirakha has lived an ordinary days.

One day, she finds her own mysterious power and gets bewildered with it.

The ones who save her are not "GIRLS" whom she has adored.

They are "BLACK STARS," an evil organization led by a kaiju girl who calls herself Black Directive!?


Full trailer



Advance ticket with the theme song CD "Honseisou Koushinkyoku" will go on sale at theaters from

September 29. The catchy tune is performed by Hiyori Nitta (Black Directive), Yuki Yagi (Alien Pegassa),

Minami Takahashi (Silve Bloome), and Kaori Ishihara (Nova). 



CD jacket


Poster visual




The first season of the KAIJU GIRLS anime series featuring moe girl characters inspired by monsters/aliens

appeared in Tsuburaya Productions' long-running Ultra tokusatsu series was streamed on dAnime Store and

YouTube (AniChan) for 12 episodes from September to December 2016, then its sesond second was aired

on Tokyo MX for another 12-episode run since January 2018. Both seasons are now available to Crunchyroll

members worldwide except Asia.


1st season key visual


2nd season key visual



Source: "Ultra Monsters Anthropomorphic Project" official website / Twitter





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