Nintendo Launches Long-Awaited Dragalia Lost Mobile RPG Today! (Sponsored)

Nintendo's first direct launch to mobile could be their most successful yet.

Dragalia Lost banner

Dragalia Lost, a completely new mobile role-playing adventure from Nintendo in collaboration with Cygames, is now available on both Android and iOS! With the ability to borrow the power of their dragon allies, players can transform their characters into dragons to unleash devastating attacks on their enemies as they fight to defend the Kingdom of Alberia from impending evil. This, plus over 60 playable characters, summoning abilities, cooperative online multi-player modes, and much more!


This is the first time that Nintendo has released new intellectual property directly onto a mobile platform, and it looks to have the potential to grow into a successful and long-running franchise.


Download now and experience the bond between humans and dragons!

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Official Trailer :

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