Nisekoi Live-Action Film Releases Full Trailer with Theme Song by Yabai T-Shirt Yasan

Hayato Kawai (Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai)-directed film will open on December 21

The official website for the upcoming live-action film adaptation of Naoshi Komi's love-comedy manga Nisekoi is updated with a new poster visual and posted a 90-second full trailer introducing its theme song "KawaE" performed by three-member Japanese rock band Yabai T-Shirt Yasan. The newly-written tune is their first film theme work, and its CD release schedule has not yet been decided.


The live-action film Nisekoi starring 24-year-old Kento Nakajima (boy idol group Sexy Zone member) as the male protagonist Raku Ichijo and 21-year-old Ayami Nakajo (Anonymous Noise) as the main heroine Chitoge Kirisaki is set to be released in Japan on December 21, 2018. 



Full trailer




New poster visual with a tagline:

"Warning: This love is fiction. The love feelings held by the protagonists toward their lovers in the story

are false. They have nothing to do with their true feelings."




Main Cast:

  • Raku Ichijo: Kento Nakajima (24/boy idol group Sexy Zone member)
  • Chitoge Kirisaki: Ayami Nakajo (21/Nino Arisugawa in Anonymous Noise
  • Kosaki Onodera: Natsumi Ikema (15/ex-member of dance vocoal unit Lollipop in Okinawa)
  • Claude: DAIGO (40/rock band BREAKERZ vocalist) 
  • Shu Maiko: Yuta Kishi (22/boy idol group King & Prince member) 
  • Marika Tachibana: Haruka Shimazaki (24/ex-AKB48 member)
  • Kyoko Nippara: Marika Matsumoto (33/Rikku in Final Fantasy X
  • Seishiro Tsugumi: Kaede Aono (25/Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in The Shell ARISE: GHOST is ALIVE
  • Ruri Miyamoto: Hana Kawamura (17)





Source: "Nisekoi" live-action film official website / Twitter


© 2018 Movie "Nisekoi" Production Committee

© Naoshi Komi/Shueisha


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