Watch 18-Minute Digest from "Aikatsu! Music Festa in Aikatsu Budokan" Live Blu-rays

The first-day disc hits stores October 3, the second-day disc will follow October 31

Lantis' official YouTube channel has started streaming a 18-minute digest clip from the forthcoming two Blu-ray discs "Aikatsu! Music Festa in Aikatsu Budokan" that contain the two-day special concert by the Aikatsu! singers (STAR☆ANIS and AIKATSU☆STARS!) at Nippon Budokan on February 27 and 28, 2018.  The first-day disc will be released on October 3, then the second-day disc will be available on October 31. The price for both discs is 9,180 yen (about 81 US dollars).




In addition to the concert and backstage footage, the first disc also contains their first music video

"AIKATSU GENERATION" and its making footage.





The first-day disc jacket illustration


Song list:

 1."Idol Katsudou!"

 2. "Start Line!"

 3. "Original Star☆彡"

 4. "Du-Du-Wa DO IT!!"

 5. "STARDOM!"

 6. "Signalize!

 7. "Aikatsu Melody!"

 8. "Star Jet!"

 9. "kira・pata・shining"

 10. "Magical Time"

 11. "Friend"

 12. "Aurora Princess"

 13. "Dream Balloon"

 14. "lucky train!"

 15. "Miel Miere"

 16. "Usubeni Day Tripper"

 17. "Koisuru Mitaina Carameliser"

 18. "Tarte・Tatin"

 19. "Hikaru Tsukasa"

 20. "Eien no Tomoshibi"

 21. "Glass Doll"

 22. "Egao no Suncatcher"

 23. "♡Powa×PuRi×Power♡"

 24. "Nijiiro Encore"

 25. "Start Line!"

 26. "Nevagiba"

 27. "Summer Tears Diary"

 28. "Dancing Days"

 29. "episode Solo"

 30. "Take Me Higher"

 31. "The only sun light"

 32. "Tutu Ballerina"


 34. "run Run Do Run Run! ~NXET LAP~"

 35. "Diamond Happy!"

 36. "Dramatic Girl"



 39. "Good morning my dream"

 40. "Callendar Girl"

 41. "Let's Aikatsu!"



The second-day disc jacket illustration




via: AIKATSU☆STARS! official Twitter



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