Raccoon and Fennec Join Kemono Friends TV Anime 2nd Season Key Visual

The voice cast for the new season have not yet been confirmed

It must be a great relief for the fans. Araiguma/Raccoon and Fennec, the most beloved pair in the series finally appear in the fourth edition of the key visual for the TV anime Kemono Friends' forthcoming second season. In addition to them, the characters who are currently confirmed to appear in the new season are: Serval, Caracal, and the five members of PPP (Royal Penguin, Emperor Penguin, Gentoo Penguin, Rockhopper Penguin, Humboldt Penguin).


On the other hand, it is still unknown whether all of the first season's voice cast members will reprise their roles. For example, Yuka Ozaki, the voice of Serval in the first season, has never retweeted the second season's visuals on her official Twitter so far. While she voices Serval in the upcoming collaboration with Sega Games' smartphone game Kyoutou Kotoba RPG Kotodaman to start tomorrow, the short-lived first Kemono Friends smartphone game's Serval VA Ai Nonaka played the character in the recent web anime Yokoso Japari Park streamed this summer.



The fourth edition (Caracal's expression is changed from the third edition) 


The third edition




"Kyoutou Kotoba RPG Kotodaman" x "Kemono Friends 2" collaboration PV




Source: TV anime "Kemono Friends" official Twitter




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