Kemurikusa's Three Main Character Visuals Revealed by Director Tatsuki

Rin VA Mikako Komatsu: "Together with the sisters, we will confront the world where they survive through."

Following the 0.5th episode, director Tatsuki has also posted the three main character visuals of his forthcoming original TV anime Kemurikusa on his official Twitter. He said he decided to post them after reading the comments by the voice actresses who were cast as the three sisters: Rin (Mikako Komatsu), Ritsu (Arisa Kiyoto), and Rina (Tomomi Jiena Sumi).  




Rin: Mikako Komatsu (Izumi Shimomura in Ajin)

"I am Mikako Komatsu, who is cast to portray the role of Rin in Kemurikusa. Both in the audition and the

recording session for the PV, I faced Rin while being confused and struggling. Together with the sisters,

we will confront the world where they survive through. Please support us!"



Ritsu: Arisa Kiyoto (Noiseler in Kaiju Girls)

"When I heard I was cast as Ritsu, I was filled with joyfulness and excitement to join this anime. In the

relationship among the sisters including Rin, I hope I can pull out Ritsu's various charms. I will play carefully

with all my hearts. Your supports are welcome!"



Rina: Tomomi Jiena Sumi (Kamen Rider Girls member)

"Because this is my first TV anime work, my heart is full with tension and hope. Kemurikusa is a title that

has been loved by so many fans, so I will do my best to meet their expectations. We would gladly accept

all your support."





The TV anime version Kemurikusa is based on Tatsuki's independent short anime of the same name

produced as the fourth title of his doujin anime circle irodori in 2010-2012. It is set to premiere on BS

Fuji in January 2019 and will be streamed exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. 



Main staff:

  • Director: Tatsuki 
  • Production: Yaoyorozu 
  • Animation director: Yoshihisa Isa (Kemono Friends animation director) 
  • Art director: Yuko Shiramizu (Kemono Friends art director) 
  • Anime producer: Yoshitada Fukuhara (Kemono Friends anime producer) 
  • Art design: Tatsuki
  • Character design/Modeling: irodori 
  • Anime production: Yaoyorozu 
  • Prodution: Yaoyorozu Kemurikusa Project




Source: Tatsuki's Twitter, TV anime "Kemurikusa" official website/Twitter


© Yaoyorozu Kemurikusa Project


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