Love Comedy Light Novel Ore wo Sukinanowa Omaedake kayo Gets TV Anime

Noriaki Akitaya (Bakuman., Active Reid) serves as director at CONNECT

It was also announced at at the "Aki no Dengekisai" event held in Akihabara on Sunday that a TV anime adaptation based on Rakuda's love comedy light novel series Ore wo Sukinanowa Omaedake kayo (Are You Really the Only One Who Likes Me) is now in the works. Its official website and Twitter are already opened, announcing its main voice cast and staff.


TV anime teaser visual



The novel is based on the author's You can't use a broken watering can that won the Gold Award

in the 22nd Dengeki Novel Taisho in 2015 when he was 29 years old. It has been published from

KADOKAWA's light novel imprint Dengeki Bunko since February 2016, and currently nine volumes

are available in Japan.


The story centers on high school boy named Amatsuyu Kisaragi (Jyouro). While pretending as

an insensitive person, he has been looking for an opportunity to get a confession of love from his

senior student Sakura Akino (Cosmos) and childhood friend Aoi Hinata (Himawari). But instead,

he is confessed by Sumireko Sanshokuin (Pansy) whom he has hated. 


The TV anime is directed by Noriaki Akitaya (Bakuman., Active Reid), alongside character designer

Shoko Takimoto (Armed Girl's Machiavellism). The novel author Rakuda himself serves as series

composition writer and writes the screenplay for all episodes. CONNECT (Death March to the

Parallel World Rhapsody) works on anime production.



Main voice cast:

  • Amatsuyu Kisaragi (Jyouro): Daiki Yamashita (Sakamichi Onoda in Yowamushi Pedal)
  • Sumireko Sanshokuin (Pansy): Haruka Tomatsu (Asuna in Sword Art Online) 
  • Aoi Hinata (Himawari): Haruka Shiraishi (Kirie Motoba in Himouto! Umaru-chan
  • Sakura Akino (Cosmos): Sachika Misawa (Kuroyukihime in Accel World)




Novel 1st and 9th volume covers



Source: TV anime "Ore wo Sukinanowa Omaedake kayo" official website / Twitter


©2018 Rakuda/KADOKAWA/"OreSuki" Production Committee



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