Virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI is Appointed as Akihabara's Virtual Tourism Ambassador

14 virtual characters will join the "Akiba Festival 2018 Autumn" starting October 18

Akihabara Area Tourism Organization announced today on October 9 that internationally popular virtual YouTuber character Kizuna AI is officially appointed as the virtual ambassador for the area which has been recognized as the Mecca of Otaku. She has also served as the ambassador for Japan National Tourism Organization's tourism campaigns since March of this year.


She posted her inauguration message video on her official Twitter.


Her inauguration ceremony is scheduled to be held on the eighth floor of Sofmap Akiba's fourth store

on October 21. AI is confirmed to make her live appearance. To join the ceremony, you have to purchase

the newly-released "Akihabara Cashew Nuts" (wasabi flavor) between October 18 and 20.



Kizuna AI visual



"You can learn about Kizuna AI in 10 minutes"



In addition, Akihabara Area Tourism Organization will host "AKIBA Festival 2018 Autumn," a multi-store

campaign with 60 stores in the area, from October 18 to November 18. A total of 14 virtual YouTuber

characters, of course including Kizuna AI, will be featured in the collaboration campaign. Its slogan is

"Let's Make Akihabara as the Sacred Place for Virtual YouTubers."


Promotional poster



During the campaign period, a time limited pop-up shop for Kizuna AI will open in "THE AKIHABARA

CONTAiNER" in the front of the JR Akihabara station. The shop will offer her official merchandise

including Halloween-themed new ones.


Halloween-themed visual



Tin badge (three types) - 500 yen



Acryl keyholder - 600 yen


"Boo! Yuratto Acryl figure" - 980 yen


T-shirt - 3,500 yen



Source: Activ8 press release


© Kizuna AI


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