Fate/EXTELLA LINK Comes to the Switch with Chibi Servant Forms

Linking an EXTELLA save game will get you even more costumes


Prepare your Servants for battle on the Nintendo Switch. Fate/EXTELLA LINK is on its way, and it has some bonuses lined up!


The expansion of the Fate universe will feature new "funifuni" modes that turn Nero, Altera, and Tamamo-no-Mae into chibi versions of themselves. Since they're treated as costumes, the tiny iterations of your Servants will still pack just as much punch as the full-sized ones.



Additionally, linking up your Fate/EXTELLA and Fate/EXTELLA LINK save data on your Nintendo Switch will unlock four more costumes: formal wear for Nero and Altria, a school uniform for Tamamo-no-Mae, and a nurse uniform for Altera.



Fate/EXTELLA LINK comes to the Switch in Japan on January 31. 


>> Fate/EXTELLA LINK Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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