Detective Conan Manga Author Now Accepts Your Question about Black Organization

His answers will be published in the "SDB BLACK PLUS" book this winter

The official Twitter for Gosho Aoyama's Detective Conan manga series announced on October 11 that the fans of the manga now can send any questions about Kuro no Soshiki/Black Organization, the secret criminal syndicate who were responsible for transforming the protagonist Shinichi Kudo into a child, and that select questions will be directly answered by the manga author. 


Any kind of questions are welcome, like "Why black, instead of red?" You can send your question via this form until 24:00 on October 14 (JST),  then Aoyama's answers will be published in the forthcoming "Detective Conan SDB (Super Digest Book) BLACK PLUS" to be released this winter. What kind of question do you want to ask him? You may be able to get close to the truth.



The manga's latest 95th tankobon volume is set to be released in Japan on October 18.



Source: "Detective Conan" manga official Twitter


©Shogo Aoyama/Shogakukan Inc. 2018


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