Start the Clock: Doraemon Counts Down to Movie Announcement

What will next year's film be?


The Doraemon franchise is preparing to reveal the story of its next film... but they're teasing us a little first.


A teaser website, featuring only shadowy images of the show's characters and a few quotes, has gone up in advance of the announcement. The first of the images featured what looks to be Nobita, with the text "I believe in imagination." Today's features Shizuka, with the caption "I believe in the future." In both cases, they're weiring a badge with some sort of symbol on it.



Recent Doraemon films have been extremely successful at the Japanese box office, and have involved major promotional activities. For example, this year's pirate-themed film promoted itself with Doraemon and Nobita costume characters sailing to various locales on a real ship.


Whatever's happening for 2019, we'll know when the announcement launches Monday, October 15.


>> Doraemon Movie Countdown Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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