Lyrical Nanoha Alarm App Starts Your Day with Magic and Explosions

New smartphone alarm sends wake-up calls from Nanoha and Fate


Can't seem to wake up in the morning? Maybe some words of wisdom from some of anime's most explosive magical girls will help.


In honor of Lyrical Nanoha Reflection, two new smartphone alarms have gone on the market. Each features newly recorded lines from one of the series's main magical girls: Nanoha Takamachi (CV Yukari Tamura) and Fate T. Harlaown (CV Nana Mizuki).



Each app comes with 70 unique voice lines. You can combine up to three to create a unique wake-up call, or all the app to randomize lines until you're awake.



Each app is 720 yen, with 30 more voice lines available for an extra 360 yen.


>> Nanoha Phone Alarm: iOS | Android

>> Fate Phone Alarm: iOS | Android

>> Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Website

Source: Comic Natalie




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