This Weekend's PreCure Brings Back Even More Past Cures

Characters from four previous seasons to appear in tomorrow's Hugtto! PreCure


Expect to see some familiar faces returning to PreCure this weekend — and we don't mean the return of Cure Black and Cure White.


In tomorrow's episode, the Hugtto! PreCure team will be joined by members of at least four previous eras of the show. Visible in the trailer are Nozomi and Urara from Yes! PreCure 5 and Yes! PreCure 5 Go! Go!, Love from Fresh PreCure, and all the cures from both Maho Girls PreCure and Kira Kira PreCure a la Mode.

Check out the trailer:



Prior to this season, cross-generational team-ups were reserved for the franchise's autumn All Stars movies. But for the 15th anniversary, Cure Black and Cure White were brought into episodes of the current run. This will mark the second time the Hugtto! team has crossed paths with their predecessors.


This year's crossover movie, set to premiere in Japan on October 27, will focus primarily on the first and most recent teams; however, all 55 Cures from the entire run of the show so far will appear and have speaking roles.


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