AI Haro Gets a Char's Counterattack Upgrade

Adorable personal assistant is ready to geek out with you


Premium Bandai's life-sized Haro is about to get an upgrade!


The Gundam Concierge — or "Guncierge," as it's being called for short — is a Haro desk mate that teaches and quizzes owners on Gundam trivia, running on IBM's Watson technology. During its first run, its information database was limited to the TV run of the original series. Internet connectivity means that Haro will occasionally receive free updates, increasing its knowledge base.


The new upgrade will add information about the 1988 film Char's Counterattack to Haro's knowledge. And to celebrate, Premium Bandai will be offering the Guncierge for sale again for a limited time.



Guncierge Haro is 149,040 yen, and will require a 3,000 yen monthly service fee for internet and conversation functions (waived until September 2019).


>> Gundam Concierge Haro Order Page

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Source: Anime! Anime!




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