Get Haruko's Style with New FLCL Apparel Line

Jacket, bag, and watch bring back shooting star style


Get Haruko Haruhara's out-of-this-world style with a new collection from — who else? — SuperGroupies.


The streetwear brand is digging in to FLCL Progressive, bringing fans a three-piece collection bringing Haruko's image to daily wear.



The line includes Haruko's red and black collared jacket, a yellow and black shoulder bag designed to match her iconic Vespa, and an analog watch.


Jacket: 48,000 yen

Shoulder Bag: 13,800 yen


Watch: 18,000 yen

All products in the line are avaialable for preorder until November 4, and will be shipped out next spring.


>> SuperGroupies x FLCL Progressive Order Page

Source: Anime! Anime!




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