Hatsune Miku VA Saki Fujita Releases Vocaloid Cover Song Album

The six-song album "Kanaiuta" will be available digitally worldwide on October 26

In cooperation with musical producer Jun Abe and his band The39's 2018, 34-year-old voice actress Saki Fujita, best known as the character voice of Hatsune Miku, launched the "Saki X Jun" project to cover popular vocaloid songs in February of this year.


After posting four preview videos on its official YouTube channel, the project's first digital album "Kanaiuta," including two original songs whose lyrics are written by Fujita herself, is released in Japan today on October 19, her 34th birthday. The six-song album (with their six instrumentals) will be also available worldwide one week later, October 26. 


Song list:

 1. "Chigiriuta" (original song) - lyrics: Saki Fujita / music: 40mP

 2. "Yumekuri Sekai" (original song) - lyrics: Saki Fujita / music: Junky

 3. "crack" - lyrics & music: keeno

 4. "Happy Synthesizer" - lyrics & music: BETTI.

 5. "Melancholic" - lyrics & music: Junky

 6. "Mikazuki Rider": - lyrics & music: 40mP


Jacket illustration



Announcement PV for the "Saki x Jun" project 



"crack" preview



"Happy Synthesizer" preview



"Melancholic" preview



"Mikazuki Rider" preview



via: Animate Times


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