Heroes Take it Easy in LAIDBACKERS Original Anime Theatrical Film

Hiroyuki Hashimoto directs and Studio Gokumi animates "reverse Isekai" story about fantasy characters in modern Kyoto


Fantasy action takes a turn for the mundane in LAIDBACKERS, an upcoming "reverse isekai" original anime theatrical film about a group of heroes and a Demon Lord from a magical world being reincarnated as ordinary girls (and a dog) in modern day Kyoto. The main staff for LAIDBACKERS includes:


  • Director: Hiroyuki Hashimoto
  • Screenplay: Makoto Uezu
  • Original character draft: Jirō Suzuki
  • Chief director: Kiyomitsu Sato
  • Character design, chief animation director: Keiichi Tsuchiya
  • Music: kz (livetune)
  • Sound director: Takayuki Yamaguchi
  • Animation production: Studio Gokumi
  • Distribution: KlockWorx
  • Production: LAIDBACKERS Production Committee



The main cast for LAIDBACKERS includes:


  • Rina Hidaka as Harumi Misono, a former Berserker who is now a gluttonous NEET that lives at a candy shop.
  • Himika Akaneya as Mai Maisaka, a former Martial Artist who now longs to be an idol singer and who loves digital gadgets.
  • Yō Taichi as K Kusanagi, a former Sorceress who is now a beautiful but unrepentantly nerdy otaku.
  • Yumi Uchiyama as Arnelia, a former Princess Knight and leader of the Liberation Army who is now a dog.
  • Maria Naganawa as Ran (aka Valvaran), a former Demon Lord who is now an elementary school girl.
  • Yumiri Hanamori as Kumi Honamanuma, an ordinary college student who goes to an art school.
  • Saki Fujita as Yuko Washimiya (not pictured), a mysterious and attractive elementary school teacher. 
  • And others.



The story of LAIDBACKERS follows Kumi Honamanuma, a young woman who moves to Kyoto to manage her grandmother's candy store and to study art at college. Although the house above the storefront is supposed to be empty, Kumi finds strange people living there, and they turn out to a group of heroes that have reincarnated from a magical world into modern Japan without their previous powers and with no memory of their earlier mission. 

LAIDBACKERS will receive a limited theatrical release in Japan for two weeks during the Spring season of 2019.



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