Three More Dashing Lads Join the Cast of Manaria Friends TV Anime

Adaptation based on expansion for "card battle" social game by Cygames hits Japanese TV in January of 2019


Three more cast members have been announced for Manaria Friends, an upcoming fantasy TV anime based on the expansion to the Rage of Bahamut "card battle" social game developed by Cygames. The new cast members include:



Yūma Uchida as William, a student at Manaria Academy. William is a high academic achiever and also a member of the school library committee, but when he gets flustered, he reverts to the rustic accent of his hometown.



Chiharu Sawashiro as Heinlein, a teacher at Manaria Academy who specializes in dark magic. Heinlein has a cool demeanor, and he maintains his composure no matter how extreme a situation becomes.



And Hiroshi Naka as Gille, an elderly gentleman who remains an active teacher at Manaria Academy despite his advanced age. His specialty is fundamental magical theory. Gille has a very kind-hearted personality, and he gently guides the students in their studies.



Manaria Friends is directed by Hideki Okamoto and features animation production by CygamesPictures. The story of Manaria Friends follows Anne, a magically-gifted princess, and Grea, a half-human / half-dragon crossbreed, as they study magic at Manaria Academy. Manaria Friends will broadcast in Japan beginning in January of 2018.




Official Manaria Friends TV anime home page



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