The Latest Fate Series Goods Are Cute and Cozy

Cuddle up in a Saber-style parka, or catch all your favorite Servants as pins


Fate fans never have to worry about running low on cool goods. Case in point, two recent product lines: a cozy Saber parka and some adorable chibi Servants on pins.



AMNIBUS kicks things off with its light mountain parka, created in honor of Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel]. The company, which creates anime goods usable in day-to-day life, designed the jacket as a nod to the once and future Saber, Altria Pendragon. 


The parka is made of lightweight materials that make it easy to store and appropriate for many different climates. It's available for preorder until December 10, and orders will begin shipping out in March.



On the smaller side, of things, sugar pochette will be producing a line of 14 pinback buttons, featuring their Fate/Grand Order designs. The buttons will be available at this year's AGS, and include Gudao, Gudako, Mash Kyrielight, Roman, Da Vinci, and other fan favorites.


Buttons will be received randomly by lottery at the Bandai Spirits booth.


>> Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] Parka Product Page

>> Watch Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] on Crunchyroll

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