UzaMaid! Collab Café Muscles into Two Restaurant Chains

Cure Maid Café and MACHI ASOBI prepare for tasty crossover


Fans can enjoy all the tasty cooking of muscle-maid Tsubame with none of the side effects, thanks to a paid of café collaborations going up at the end of the year.


UzaMaid! will be collaborating with both Cure Maid Café and MACHI ASOBI to offer themed dishes and limited-edition goods to fans. It looks so far as though the two events will be self-contained, with each having a slightly different menu and different merch to pick up.



The elegant Cure Maid Café hans't revealed their menu yet, but promise that it will include sweets, "character image drinks," and dishes inspired by Tsubame's undeniably delicious home cooking. There will also be bonuses for ordering off the special menu.


Meanwhile, MACHI ASOBI is already previewing a few of its menu items:


Tsubame's Special Curry:

Kumagoro's Caramel Nut Trifle:

Misha and Washiwashi's Best Friends Parfait:

Misha Takanashi image drink (elderflower, blue curacao, Calpis):

Tsubame image drink (rosehip tea with a decorative rose):

Patrons will also get a random placemat and coaster for ordering from the collaboration menu, and can pick up collectible pinback buttons during the event:



MACHI ASOBI's collaboration will run from November 13-December 9, with Cure Maid Café running theirs from December 7-16.


>> Cure Maid Café Collaboration Page

>> MACHI ASOBI Collaboration Page

>> Watch UzaMaid! on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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