Got Dubs? Crunchyroll Boosts English Dub Library with Crunchyroll Dubs! (UPDATED 11/13)

26 Crunchyroll-dubbed anime now available with many more to come

In a recent announcement, the Crunchyroll team shared that we’ll be adding dozens of new English dub versions of some of your favorite series from the past few years, including Mob Psycho 100 and Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World. We’re happy to share with you that the first 26 of those Crunchyroll dubs are available now!!

Crunchyroll has been heavily involved in the production of dubs for years with our partner studios at BangZoom, Studiopolis, Funimation, Ocean, and more. While our international audiences have enjoyed these efforts, we’ve remained more behind-the-scenes with our English dubs. Aside from the Crunchyroll logo on some home video releases, you may have not even known we were involved!

We’re now proud to reveal that Crunchyroll will be home to the dubbed anime we’ve had in the works for years. Five languages just wasn’t enough - we’re thrilled to be able to share English dubs once again with the Crunchyroll audience.

Here are a few of our favorites that Crunchyroll users can enjoy today:



91 Days


91 Days

Set in a lawless time of Prohibition with streets run by the mafia, Avilio Bruno is on a mission to have his revenge on those who murdered his family. Vengeance can only result in more tragedy.

Producer: Crunchyroll

Dub Studio: Funimation

Angelo/Avilio: Austin Tindle

Corteo: Brandon McInnis

Nero: Ian Moore

Vanno: Newton Pittman

Vincent: Jeremy Schwartz

Bungo Stray Dogs

Bungo Stray Dogs

The show follows a league of individuals with supernatural powers that use them for various tasks such as requests from the mafia and investigating incidents that the military nor the police will touch.

Producer: Crunchyroll


Atsushi Nakajima: Max Mittelman

Osamu Dazai: Kaiji Tang

Doppo Kunikida: Patrick Seitz

Rampo Edogawa: Vic Mignogna

Junichiro Tanizaki: Spike Spencer



Alderamin on the Sky

Alderamin on the Sky

The military fantasy series follows Ikta Solork, who despite his hate for war, has to become a soldier. The show goes through his strives for survival in a war-torn world through his intellect.

Producer: Crunchyroll

Dub Studio: Funimation


Ikta Solork: Joel McDonald

Yatorishino Igsem: Caitlin Glass

Torway Remeon: Austin Tindle

Matthew Tedtrich: Shawn Gann

Haroma Becker: Laura Clark


Masamune-kun's Revenge

Masamune-kun’s Revenge

Growing up, Masamune Makabe was bullied and completely humiliated by Aki Adagaki. He made it his mission to be a new and improved man. He encounters Aki Adagaki again - this time to bask in his revenge.

Producer: Crunchyroll

Dub Studio: Funimation


Masamune Makabe: Josh Grelle

Aki Adagaki: Morgan Garrett

Yoshino Koiwai: Monica Rial

Neko Fujinomiya: Megan Shipman

Tae Futaba: Caitlin Glass



Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Ryu Yamada’s normal life as a high school flips when he kisses a pretty honor student and they find that they have swapped bodies. They find out that this isn’t the strangest phenomenon going on in the school.

Producer: Crunchyroll

Dub Studio: Funimation


Ryu Yamada: Newton Pittman

Urara Shiraishi: Mikaela Krantz

Miyabi Ito: Rachel Glass

Toranosuke Miyamura: Todd Haberkorn

Nene Odagiri: Jessica Peterson

Other titles now on the service: 

A Centaur's Life


Berserk S1

Brave Witches


Classroom of the Elite



Izetta the Witch

Joker Game


Love Tyrant

Magical Girls Raising Project

The Morose Mononokean




Saga of Tanya the Evil

Taboo Tattoo



Note: These titles will no longer be available on FunimationNOW, but will continue to be available on VRV via Crunchyroll.

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