Fate/Grand Order Hits the Road for Traveling Circus Event

This year's Winter Fes includes voice actor talks, an escape room, and more


The circus is coming to town this winter, and it features a lot of familiar Servants!


Japan's upcoming FGO Winter Fes has adopted the theme "Great Traveling Circus!" this year, and features art of Mash, new Servant Napoleon, and many others decked out for a Big Top performance.


The event will be making stops in Hokkaido, Miyagi, Osaka, and Kumamoto between December and February. Fans can gather for talk show events with voice actors from the game. Guests will vary by location:


Hokkaido: Kana Ueda (voice of Rin Tohsaka/Ishtar), Satoshi Tsuruoka (voice of Arash, Caligula, Spartacus, and Gilles de Rais)

Miyagi: Ayako Kawasumi (voice of the Altrias), Rumi Okubo (voice of Elisabeth Bathory and Astolfo)

Osaka: Kenji Akabane (voice of Kadoc Zemlupus), Aoi Yuki (voice of Shouten-doji, Okita Souji, and Tiamat)

Kumamoto: Ayako Kawasumi, Rie Takahashi (voice of Mash Kyrielight)



Each stop will also feature official mascot and cosplayer style photo ops and appearances, standees, a Saint Graph exhibition, and a large balloon... though what of, we don't yet know.


SCRAP, the creators of the many popular Real Escape Games currently running in Japan and at some American events, will be hosting an "Escape the Traveling Circus" escape game themed to the tour. Winners will get a limited-edition sticker.



Goods featuring the key art are currently being created, including posters, clear files, and acrylic keyrings.


Additionally, there will be two game challenges for Winter Fes attendees. The first, a quest challenge, will be a timed event, with the finals taking place on the main stage. The first ever FGO Duel tournament will also be held during the event. No experience is necessary, as there will be booths where players can learn the card game. Again, finals will take place on the main stage.


>> FGO Winter Fes 2018-2019 ~Great Traveling Circus!~ Website

>> Fate/Grand Order USA Website

>> Watch Fate/Grand Order -First Order- on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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