Life is a Laidback Fantasy Adventure in Endro~! TV Anime Trailer

Japanese broadcast date and theme song performers revealed for upcoming original everyday comedy / fantasy series


The quest to defeat the Demon King is rather relaxing in a new trailer for Endro~!, an upcoming original slice-of-life / fantasy TV anime about a group of girls going to Adventurer School to learn how to become proper heroes.


The trailer features the opening theme for the series, entitled "Endro~Ru!", which is performed by the voice unit Yuusha Party, which consists of Yuusha (CV: Hikaru Akao), Seira (CV: Shiina Natsukawa), Fai (CV: Ari Ozawa), and Mei (CV: Inori Minase). The ending theme for the series, entitled "Wonder Caravan!", is performed by Inori Minase.



Endro~! is set on Nararu Island, a continent of sword-and-sorcery where people and monsters live together peacefully. In the distant past, a terrible Demon King arose on Nararu, and a brave Hero also arose to defeat the Demon King. Although the Demon King continues to resurrect time and time again, each time a new group of adventurers rises up to oppose them.



Endro~! follows the everyday adventures of one such group of heroes as they attend Adventurer School to learn how to defeat the Demon King some day: Yuusha, a strong but bubbleheaded Hero; Seira, an overly-serious and anxious elf Saint; Fai, a cheerful Warrior who loves to eat; and Mei, a quiet and nerdy Mage. Together, these four form a party and embark on a laidback fantasy life while waiting for the Demon King to appear.



Endro~! is directed by Kaori (How to Keep a Mummy) and features original character designs by Namori (YuruYuri) and animation production by Studio Gokumi (KINMOZA!). The series will broadcast in Japan on Tokyo MX and BS11 on Saturdays during the 25:00 time slot (actually at 1:00AM JST on Sunday morning) beginning on January 12, 2019.


Source: MoCa



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