Creamy Mami's Rival Takes the Spotlight in Manga Spinoff

Manga artist Emi Mitsuki reveals new art for vintage characters


35 years after Creamy Mami stole her spotlight, pop star Megumi Ayase is back to tell her story.


Comic Tatan's new web manga spinoff Creamy Mami, the Magical Angel: Unlucky Princess will turn the spotlight on the vintage magical girl's self-declared rival. In the original anime, Megumi was the top star at Parthenon Productions until the arrival of Mami. Thanks to the new arrival, Megumi's status within the company is in danger. The manga will focus on her trying to do her best in her career in spite of Mami's effect on it.


The manga features art by Emi Mitsuki, the creator of the manga Kumo Ichizoku to Doro Girl.


Unlucky Princess will feature the return of many characters from the 1983 series, including Mami herself. Judging by the character art, it looks like Yu Morisawa—Mami's ten-year-old alter ego—will be making an appearance with her school friends, too.


Creamy Mami was a star-making series for singer and actress Takako Ohta, who won the roles of both Yu and Mami in a talent search. The show was run temporarily on former streaming site Anime Sols, and has come back into notice thanks to its mention in fellow Studio Pierrot series Magical Girl Ore.


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