Lawyers Go for the Gold in New Ace Attorney Stage Show

Idols take the stage as video game characters


The heroes of Ace Attorney are returning to the stage, this time with a bigger prize than justice on the line.


Ace Attorney: Turnabout Gold Medal will see Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, and many more prepare to face off in the Judicial Olympics. Overseeing the event is executive chairman and former champion Godot. The trial will end when one lawyer receives the event's prestigious gold medal.


A new key visual shows the main cast in costume:



Sho Kato and Aren Kohatsu take the roles of Phoenix and Edgeworth, respectively, with Nogizaka46 member Reno Nakamura as resident spirit medium/legal assistant/burger ramen-eater Maya Fey. Yuki Tomotsune plays the mysterious Godot, and former Takarazuka performer Mio Hanana takes the role of Franziska von Karma.


Several newly-created characters will also be on board, including Yoko Fukashigi (played by former SKE48 member Masana Oya) and Yorkshire Belgian (played by Koji Kominami).



Tickets go on sale this Wednesday. The show will run from January 16-21, 2019 at Theater 1010.


>> Ace Attorney Stage Website

>> Watch Ace Attorney on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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