Pop Team Epic Tries Its Hand at Smart Phone Gacha Gaming

"Takeshobo Quest: Pop Team Epic Assaults" is available now on Android and iOS


The TV anime adaptation of Pop Team Epic, the bizarre 4-panel comic by self-professed "crappy manga boy" Bkub Okawa, may have concluded its run, but Popuko and Pipimi are not content to stay put, and now they're bringing their weird brand of anarchic anti-humor to a new medium: smart phone gacha gaming.



Just released today (and allegedly already down for server maintenance), Takeshobo Quest: Pop Team Epic Assaults is a self-described "crappy app" that is available for Android and iOS smart phones. In the game players take control of Popuko and Pipimi as they cut through endless waves of Takeshobo employees.



The game also includes a gacha mechanic that allows players to capture and recruit Takeshobo employees.



Takeshobo Quest: Pop Team Epic Assaults uses a basic free-to-play model.



Anime! Anime!

Official Takeshobo Quest: Pop Team Epic Assaults home page



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