Heroic Voices Ring out in GaoGaiGar vs. Betterman Drama CD

Print manga will feature new album, including a cover of the GaoGaiGar theme


The shared universe of GaoGaiGar and Betterman is coming not only to print, but to CD, thanks to a new release next year.


The "comicalization" of the GaoGaiGar vs. Betterman web novel originally ran on Hobby Japan, picking up after GaoGaiGar FINAL. The story answers a few burning questions, such as what Mamoru and Kaido have been up to in the years since, and whether Guy Shishio and the rest of GGG ever make it home.



It also features the arrival of GaoGaiGo, a unit previously only available (and briefly, at that) as toys. Additionally, we see just how the world of Betterman coincides with that of GaoGaiGar beyond super high quality mirrors.



The single-volume manga will come packaged with a drama CD reuniting the series's voice actors. And, of course, Masaaki Endoh will be back to perform a new version of the opening theme: this time titled "Yuusha-Oh Tanjou! -Fairy Tale (Juvenile) ver.-"


GaoGaiGar vs. Betterman goes on sale March 27, 2019.


>> GaoGaiGar vs. Betterman THE COMIC on HobbyJapan



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