Strike Witches Spin-Off Flies High with Spring 2019 TV Anime Adaptation

"Strike Witches 501 Butai Hasshin-shimasu!" focuses on the comedic everyday lives of the 501st Unit


Even more battles without honor and humanity (and pants) are on their way to Japanese television, because spin-off gag manga Strike Witches 501 Butai Hasshin-shimasu! ("Strike Witches 501st Unit, Taking Off!") is being adapted into a TV anime that will broadcast during the Spring season of 2019. The staff for Strike Witches 501 Butai Hasshin-shimasu! includes:


  • Original work: Fumikane Shimada and Projekt Kagonish
  • Manga: Makoto Fujibayashi
  • Director: Fumio Ito
  • Character design: Kiyoshi Akui
  • Series literature: Shinya Murakami
  • Music: Seikô Nagaoka
  • Music production: Nippon Columbia
  • Sound director: Tomohiro Yoshita
  • Sound production: Glovision
  • Producer: Takashi Tachizaki
  • Animation production: acca effe, Giga Production
  • Animation production cooperation: Production I.G, Anime Beans



The cast for Strike Witches 501 Butai Hasshin-shimasu! includes:


  • Misato Fukuen as Yoshikiya Miyafuji.
  • Saori Seto as Mio Sakamoto.
  • Kaori Nazuka as Lynette Bishop.
  • Miyuki Sawashiro as Perrine H. Clostermann.
  • Rie Tanaka as Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke.
  • Mie Sonozaki as Gertrud Barkhorn.
  • Sakura Nogawa as Erica Hartmann.
  • Chiwa Saitō as Francesca Lucchini.
  • Ami Koshimizu as Charlotte E. Yeager.
  • Mai Kadowaki as Sanya V. Litvyak.
  • And Ayuru Ōhashi as Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen.


The story of Strike Witches 501 Butai Hasshin-shimasu! focuses on the humorous, everyday adventures of the 501st Unit (such as cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry) during their downtime between missions to combat the Νέυροι.




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