Anime Adaptation of Light Novel All Points are Divided to VIT Because A Painful One Isn't Liked. in The Works

The series' total print run has surpassed 250,000 copies

KADOKAWA announced today that an anime adaptation of Yuumikan's fantasy light novel Itai no wa Iya nanode Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. (Official English title given to its manga adaptation: All Points are Divided to VIT Because A Painful One Isn't Liked.) is in the works. How and when the anime is distributed will be announced at a later date.


Visual for the anime project announcement




The novel has been viewed more than 60 million times on Japanese user-generated novel publishing website

Shousetsuka ni Narou since its launch in June 2016, and its print edition has been published from KADOKAWA

BOOKS since September 2017. The print edition's latest fifth volume is scheduled to be released on December

10, 2018. The novel's manga adaptation illustrated by Jirou Oimoto has been serialized in Monthly Comp-Ace

and one volume is currently available. According to KADOKAWA, the series' total print run in Japan has surpassed

250,000 copies.


The story is set in the world of VRMMO called "NewWorld Online." The protagonist Maple, who knows little about

games, divides all of her status points to defense power (VIT). She becomes very slow, can't use magic, and is

punched around even by a rabbit. However, she finds out she feels no pain and receives zero damages. As a

result of the intensive use of her points, she gets the skill of "Absolute Defense" and deadly counter skills.

As "Mobile Fortress-type Rookie," now she can disable all kinds of attacks and overcome any barriers with her

"Lethal Poison" skill. Meanwhile, she doesn't realize her own unusuality.



TV CM for the novel's first two volumes



Novel first and fifth volume covers


Manga first tankobon cover




Source: KADOKAWA press release




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