Real-World Martial Artists Enter the Brawl for New Baki Merch

Kings and queens of fighting get reimagined Baki-style


Who's a bad enough dude to take on Baki? A new Rakuten lottery is making over some of the world's toughest martial artists in the style of the popular fighting series.


Titled Baki vs. Martial Artists, the lottery will be distributing T-shirts, posters, towels, and a full-color curtain depicting 14 real-world fighters (and, of course, Baki himself). Check out the stars of JEWELS, RIZIN, and other teams, with the manga and anime hero in the mix:



Merch will feature art of Baki with each team logo (except for the all-female JEWELS).


The T-shirt lottery will feature an all-in-one grand prize shirt, a series of "Vs." A Prizes, and single character B prizes. The other lottery will offer a giant character curtain as the grand prize, full-sized towels for A Prizes, face towels for B prizes, and posters for C prizes.


The lottery runs from December 10-25, with one entry costing 1,620 yen for the regular lottery and 3,132 yen for the shirt lottery.


>> Rakuten's Baki vs. Martial Artists Lottery

Source: Anime! Anime!




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