Fans Celebrate Kotono Mitsuishi's Birthday by Choosing Her Top Anime Roles

Is your favorite in the top three?


At the age of 51, voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi is still playing some of the most iconic characters in anime, from magical teenagers from beloved parents. But which of her roles are fans' favorites?


For her birthday this year, fans were asked to choose which of her roles they liked best. Time to find out if your fave is in the top 3!



Coming in at #1 is Misato Katsuragi of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series and films. Mitsuishi has recently come back to reprise the role in the Rebuild series. She received high marks for playing a character who's dignified and competent in public, but an exhausted hot mess in private. And, of course, fans remember her next episode announcements from the end of each episode.



At #2 is Usagi Tsukino of the Sailor Moon franchise. Mitsuishi has played the role of the internationally popular magical girl in both the first and latest series, as well as in multiple films and video games. Usagi ranked high among female fans, especially those who grew up with the series. There was also no surprise among fans when she returned to the role for Sailor Moon Crystal.

And at #3 is the legendary Tae Yamada of the currently-airing Zombie Land Saga. For a few weeks, Tae's voice actress was left a mystery, with the revelation that she was played by the Saga-born Mitsuishi coming after the third episode. The extremely zombie-like Tae tends to only communicate through grunts, animal noises, and an occasional almost-word, but the fact that she hasn't had any especially meaningful lines yet just adds to how impressed fans are with the portrayal. There's also a theory that the final two episodes will see her waking up and doing more.


Filling out the top 10 are:


4. Murrue Ramius, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

5. Boa Hancock, One Piece

6 (tie). Juri Arisugawa, Revolutionary Girl Utena

6 (tie). Nobita's Mom, Doraemon

8. Excel, Excel Saga

9. Rena Mizunashi/Kir, Case Closed

10. Asuka Sugo, Future GPX Cyber Formula


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