Kamehameha-flavor Dragon Ball Protein Powder Now Goes on Sale

The price for the 1kg pack is 3,200 yen (about 28 US dollars)


Nara-based supplement company Real Style has started offering a new item from its popular protein

powder brand "Be Legend," collaborated with Toei Animation's upcoming 20th Dragon Ball film, Dragon

Ball Super: Broly. After discussing various ideas, "Kamehameha flavor" was chosen as its flavor. The

company previously collaborated with Capcom's fighting video game Street Fighter V, releasing a protein

powder with "Hadouken flavor" 


What is "Kamehameha flavor?" Actually, it is a flavor of energy drink. According to the press release,

since Kamehameha is the strong energy attack in the Dragon Ball world, the company thought the

energy drink favor was the most suitable one for the name. The price for the 1kg pack is 3,200 yen

(about 28 US dollars). 



"Be Legend Dragon Ball Super: Broly" package



The company's president Ken Kagitani introduces the Dragon Ball Super protein.


He also checks the taste of the protein.



"Be Legend Street Fighter V" package




Source: Real Style press release


© Bird Studio/Shueisha

© "2018 Dragon Ball Super" Production Committee



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