Oriental Stork Newly Joins Kemono Friends' 2nd Collaboration with Toyohashi Zoo

"Serval Soft Cream" will also return

Following the very successful first one in May 2017, Toyohashi Zoo & Botanical Park (Nonhoi Park) in Aichi Prefecture is planning to hold its second collaboration campaign with the Kemono Friends franchise between January 8 and March 3, 2019. In the second collaboration, a Kounotori/Oriental stork Friend will be introduced for the first time.


Kounotori/Oriental stork visual


Collaboration campaign logo



During the three-month period, the zoo will hold a keyword rally to find the right password by collecting

keywords written on the animal description plates. With a 500-yen fee, all participants will get a collaboration

tin badge and a clear file, in addition to the prize for the winners who can find the right password.


Tin badge


Clear file



Original tin badges of the six select Friends (Oriental stork, Serval, Amur tiger, Gentoo penguin, Mandrill,

and Donkey) will be sold at 600 yen at the shop in the zoo's east gate. They will be available only in this 

time-limited collaboration.  



Furthermore, the Serval soft cream which was hugely popular in the first collaboration in 2017 will return

along with a new Oriental stork soft cream. Both will be sold only 30 sets per day.


Serval soft cream (350 yen)


Oriental stork soft cream (400 yen)



Back in April 2017, the Kemono Friends franchise's concept designer Mine Yoshizaki drew a special 

illustration for the zoo's newly born baby serval.  



Source: KADOKAWA press release


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