Dear AniTwitter: The Voice of Sailor Moon Has Joined the Brawl

And she really wants to talk about herbal tea


Not long after her birthday, voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi has decided to take the plunge and join Twitter.


According to her blog, the Sailor Moon and Evangelion star has been asked repeatedly if she's on Twitter—answering that no, she only had a website. But after her birthday and her 30th anniversary in the industry, she decided it was time to try something new, and opened up the Twitter account @kotochawanmoon (a combination of her nickname "Koto-chawan" and... well, you know.)


Of course, she's only got a few tweets up so far, mostly to do with Sailor Moon and Zombie Land Saga. But she did take some time to tweet a photo of herself having a time out with some herbal tea:


Mitsuishi says her Twitter will mostly be concerning new projects and linking to blog posts, but she might share some extra tweets once in a while.


>> @kotochawanmoon on Twitter





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