The Holidays Hit DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE!

Get ready for some exciting updates, Gacha pulls, and so much more this holiday season in DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE!

Join a festive fight for the holidays in DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE!

First things first: An update will be made to the game on 12/19. App size will only be increased 500mb from original size.

Here’s an overview of some of the updates and new In-Game Campaign Events that are part of the holiday celebration:

As of yesterday, Orario Souvenirs will be added to the Seiros and Dulb exchange to gift souvenirs for potential crossover units such as Attack on Titan.

On 1/8, Familia level cap will be increased!

You can pull these through a Holy Night Panic Gacha pull:


4 ★ [Holy Gale] Ryu Lion

4 ★ [Holy Choir] Eina Tulle

4 ★ [Pure White] Syr Flover

4 ★ [Jingle Bell] Hestia

4 ★ [Santa Princess] Ais Wallenstein

4 ★ [Winter Elf] Lefiya Viridis

Collect plenty of Snow Gems to Limit Break [Artel Tart] Liliruca!

The following units will be available in the new Popular Wargame Gacha that is coming soon.

  • Gale Disguised Ryu

  • Goddess Flame Hestia

  • Minstrel Elf Eina

  • Almighty Fighter Asfi

New Special Assist Bundle Pack is coming for a special chance to get these assists:

Earn a Bond for The Grand Day Eve, [Minstrel Elf] Eina by collecting items in a high difficulty event Heroic Trial!

A new season of Record Buster also begins against Ottarl.

Happy Holidays!
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