Kaito Kid Steals the Spotlight in USJ's Detective Conan Attractions

New mystery events will tie into upcoming Case Closed movie


If 2018 was the year of Zero, it looks like 2019 is shaping up to be the year of Kaito Kid—especially when Universal Studios Japan launches their new live events.


USJ's Detective Conan World will be getting an overhaul in 2019 to align with the upcoming theatrical film The Fist of Blue Sapphire. That means new interactive mysteries featuring Conan Edogawa and the mysterious thief from his series, all as part of the park's "Cool Japan" project.


This will consist of three new attractions:



Detective Conan the Escape ~Prussian Blue Prologue~ will align with the events of the upcoming film. A valuable jewel has been hidden in "a certain Western-style house," and it's up to players to help Detective Conan get past a variety of traps and puzzles to get to it. The Real Escape game will involve live actors and boasts impressive production value.



Detective Conan Mystery Challenge is a rally-style event in which players assist Heiji Hattori in finding and interpreting hidden ciphers and clues. Together, participants will help Hattori stop Kaitou Kid from making off with the aforementioned valuable jewel.



And Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant takes you to a new restaurant owned by the Suzuki family, equipped with what Makoto Kyogoku claims is the "world's strongest security system." Diners can enjoy their dinner while Shinichi Kudo lies in wait for Kaito Kid, then watch a battle unfold in front of them featuring live actors.

The new Detective Conan attractions open January 18.


>> Universal Studios Japan Website

>> Watch Case Closed on Crunchyroll

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