Idol Adventures Continue on YouTube with iDOLiSH7 Spinoffs

Three new stories are coming to YouTube Premium, plus a new TRIGGER episode


The boys of iDOLiSH7 and rival group TRIGGER are continuing their adventures—this time on YouTube.


YouTube Premium will be running iDOLiSH7 Vibrato, a spinoff of the mobile game adaptation featuring three new stories. "The Caught Man," "PARTY TIME TOGETHER," and "NATSU☆Try!" will be distributed sequentially on the subscription service. A new key visual and screencaps for the first story were launched along with the announcement:

The spinoff will also include the second part of the series's TRIGGER backstory, TRIGGER -before The Radiant Glory-. Check out new scenes and a snippet of TRIGGER's song "DESTINY" in the new trailer:



iDOLiSH7 Vibrato and TRIGGER -before The Radiant Glory- II will launch on YouTube's Bandai Namco Arts Channel on January 17.


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Source: Comic Natalie




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