More Than 30 Popular VTubers Gather in TV Anime Virtualsan-Looking

Hideaki Anno (Evangelion series) supports the project by providing some ideas



It was announced in the "Dwango Anime Kaigi (kari)" program last night that Virtual-san wa Miteiru/

Virtualsan-Looking, a new TV anime featuring more than 30 popular Japanese virtual YouTubers (VTubers)

is set to premiere on Tokyo MX on January 9, 2019. A new anime production company named Lide is

established for this anime by by Dwango, Kadokawa, Khara, INCS toenter, and Asobi System Holdings.


The featured VTubers include: Mirai Akari, Denno Shojo Siro, Tsukino Mito, Tanaka Hime, Suzuki Hina,

Nekomiya Hinata, and veteran enka singer Sachiko Kobayashi as "virtual grandmother." The 12-episode

24-minute original anime will introduce each virtual YouTuber's personality and charms as much as

possible in omnibus format, including special collaboration segments that can't be seen in their regular

streaming programs. 


While not joining the actual anime production, Hideaki Anno (Evangelion series) supports the project

by providing some ideas and giving a permission to six VTubers to wear the school uniform from Neon

Genesis Evangelion.


Kizuna AI, the most popular and influential virtual YouTuber (As the world's first virtual YouTuber, she

has refused to be called "VTuber") sings the first six episodes' theme song, then the unit "Virtual Real"

performs the last six's theme song. Yasutaka Nakata, best knwon for his producing works for Kyary

Pamyu Pamyu and Perfume, provides soundtrack music.



Teaser movie



OP movie teaser clip




Source: "Virtual-san wa Miteiru" official website / Twitter


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