Hulaing Babies TV Anime Heads to TV Tokyo in January of 2019

Original work about a high school hula club will broadcast on the "AOP Animusu!!" variety show


Hulaing Babies, a new animated work about the high school hulaing club of a sleepy hot springs town in Fukushima, is heading to TV Tokyo in January as part of the "AOP Animusu!!" variety TV show. The main staff for Hulaing Babies includes:


  • Producer, original work, script, director: Yoshinori Asao (Ikoma)
  • Character design, animation director, art, color design: Ryōzō Ōminato
  • Editor, director of photography: Takao Satou
  • 3DCG: Akihiro Murase
  • Sound direction: Kisuke Koizumi
  • Music: FMF
  • Sound production: JTB Next Creation
  • Animation production: Fukushima Gaina
  • Production: Hulaing Babies Production Committee


The cast for Hulaing Babies includes:



Haruka Yoshimura as Suzu.



Rikako Yamaguchi as Shina.



Suzuko Mimori as Mona.



Mikoi Sasaki as Fumi.



Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Nagisa.



Moe Toyota as Moe.



And Miku Itō as Miku.



The rival group, Hula Lion Girls, includes (from left to right):


  • Rei (CV: Amami Kokumai).
  • Natsu (CV: Non Harusaki).
  • Saya (CV: Izumi Nanase).
  • Emi (CV: Maho Taiga).
  • Momo (CV: Arisa Hirose).
  • and Kii (CV: Yukine Yaehata).


Hulaing Babies also features the voices of Saeko Ueda as Chizu-sensei, Momoko Soyama as Migiwa, and Yurie Kobori as Ohara-sensei.


Set in a spa town near Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture, the story of Hulaing Babies follows a group of girls who started a high school hulaing club on a whim only for their hulaing-related inspirations to take a turn for the serious with the arrival of a foreign exchange student from Finland.


Hulaing Babies joins the "AOP Animusu!!" TV program beginning on January 10, 2019. Each episode of Hulaing Babies will be approximately 5 minutes long.




Official Hulaing Babies TV anime home page

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