JAM Project Member Masaaki Endoh Posts His Original Christmas Song Video for Fans

His 2nd acoustic album "Present of the Voice 2" was released on December 12

On this year's Christmas Eve, Lantis' official YouTube channel posted a full music video for "HAPPY XMAS SONG (Work is over)," anison singer Masaaki Endoh's duet song with rock vocalist Yoko Kubota from his second acoustic album "Present of the Voice 2." The 51-year-old singer is well known as a member of the anison super group JAM Project, and the other four members also made guest appearance in the clip. 


Following his first acoustic album ""Present of the Voice" in November 2014, the eight-song album "Present of the Voice 2" was released from Lantis on December 12. 


"HAPPY XMAS SONG (Work is over) (e)&YOKO MV


Song list:

 1. "Waiting for you ~HaruMatsuZuki Kimi wo Omou~"

 2. "Vital" (22nd single/TV anime Angel of Death OP)

 3. "Bakuryu Sentai Abarenger" (14th single/The 27th Super Sentai series OP)

 4. "Warai no Arika"

 5. "FINAL Cross Fight GARO" (CR GARO FINAL theme song)

 6. "Sora wo Yuku Tomoshibi no Uta" (PC game Muv-Luv Alternative/Unlimited ED)

 7. "Fellows" (20th single/OVA Carnival Fantasm ED)

 8. "HAPPY XMAS SONG (Work is over) (e) & Yoko


All-song preview


CD jackets



Artist photo



Source: Lantis 




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