Toast the New Year with Banana Fish and Cells at Work! Wines

Shiraito Sake launches two new lines of drinks


Shiraito Sake is rolling out their latest lines of custom anime brews, inspired by 2018 hits Cells at Work! and Banana Fish.

The traditional brewery, which has become renowned in the fandom for its anime- and game-inspired drinks, kicks off its latest run with a set of four Banana Fish-inspired wines. Try the strong and refreshing Ash blend or the sweet and sparkling Eiji blend.



Or bring them together with one of two "Ash & Eiji" wines: a sweet and sour peach/lemon blend, or a bubbly apple/pear blend.



If your tastes this year have been more on the educational side, Shiraito is also selling a Cells at Work! line. The Red and White Blood Cells have red and white wines, of course—a sparkling red made with black grapes and a sparkling refreshing white, respectively.



There's also a fruity red for Killer T Cell, a refreshingly sharp white for Helper T Cell, and a non-alcoholic blend for the Platelets:



The Banana Fish and Cells at Work! wines are available in collectors' boxes via the Shiraito Sake website.


>> Banana Fish Wine at Shiraito Sake

>> Cells at Work! Wine at Shiraito Sake

>> Watch Cells at Work! on Crunchyroll

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