Boogiepop and Others Releases MVs for Its OP/ED Songs by MYTH & ROID, Riko Azuna

Madhouse-animated new TV series is streamed on Crunchyroll


On the anime's premiere dayin Japan, KADOKAWA's official anime YouTube channel also posted two

music videos for "shadowgraph" by MYTH & ROID and "Whiteout" by Riko Azuna, the OP and ED songs

for the winter 2019 TV anime Boogie Pop and Others.


MYTH & ROID (pronounced as Miss Android) was formed by [email protected], lyricist hotaru, and its first

vocalist Mayu in 2015 and released their debut single "L.L.L." (Overlord 1st season ED) in August of the

same year. After Mayu left the unit in November 2017, KISHOW has performed as its second vocalist.

"shadowgraph" will be released as their eighth single on February 27, 2019.


"shadowgraph" MV


Artist photo



25-year-old singer-songwriter Riko Azuna made her professional singer debut with her first single

"Kimi ni Furete" in November 2018, which was featured as the OP theme for the TV anime Bloom 

into You. "Whiteout" will be released as her second single on February 27, 2019.


"Whiteout" MV


Artist photo




Th TV anime Boogiepop and Others based on Kouhei Kadono's Boogiepop light novel series premiered

with its first two episodes on January 4, 2019. The Madhouse-animated series is available to Crunchyroll

members worldwide excluding Asia and French, German and Russian speaking territories.





Takeda Keiji was waiting for his girlfriend and junior in school, Miyashita Touka. But she doesn't show up at

the time they agreed on and he can't get a hold of her. The sun starts to set and Takeda decides to give up

and head home. But then, he sees a man unsteadily wandering around with tears in his eyes. Takeda and the

other people around him quickly realize the man is not normal and decide to ignore him when a mysterious

figure approaches the man. A mysterious figure wearing a cape and a bizarre hat. That figure happened to

have the same face as Miyashita Touka, the girlfriend who ditched Takeda...



Source: KADOKAWA anime YouTube channel





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