"Fate/stay night[Heaven's Feel]" Lancer Inspires New Collaboration Glasses

The limited item is now sold at "Animegane" in Akihabara and "eyemirror" in Ikebukuro



In addition to the previously-introduced Sakura Matou and Rin Tohsaka models last February, online

store DUO RING has started offering a new collaboration glasses inspired by Lancer from the trilogy

anime film series Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel]. The glasses temples are designed based on his spear

weapon Gáe Bolg. 


The 14,000 yen (about 130 US dollars) set also includes a wiping cloth using the newly-drawn illustration 

and an original case. In addition to the online store, the collaboration glasses are also available at the

"Shitsuji Megane eyemirror" (Butler Glasses eyemirror) store in Ikebukuro and "Animegane," an anime

collaboration glasses specialized store in Akihabara.










Source: DUO RING press release




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